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Steel safety in the automotive industry

Marcegaglia invests in R&D to develop new products
 that both achieve the best performances while looking positively to the environmental improvement in terms of health and safety. Marcegaglia investe in Ricerca e Sviluppo per creare nuovi prodotti che o

publish 4 April, 2016 1592
Marcegaglia Ravenna plant

Marcegaglia has set up its by far biggest steel metallurgy plant in Ravenna, as well as the nerve-center for integrated logistics to supply each production and distribution facility of the industrial group. The plant, which is also the main logistic and interm

publish 13 January, 2016 2019
La nuova organizzazione Marcegaglia: acciaio ma non solo

Antonio Marcegaglia explains to Siderweb the new corporate structure of the group, gives his opinion about 2015 and sets out his expectations for 2016 regarding steel flat products. Antonio Marcegaglia illustra a Siderweb il nuovo assetto societario del gruppo

publish 26 November, 2015 866
Bilanci d’Acciaio 2015: le nuove sfide del settore

Price decrease, import, balance sheets and Ilva: Antonio Marcegaglia interviewed by Siderweb. Flessione dei prezzi, import, bilanci e Ilva: Antonio Marcegaglia intervistato da Siderweb.

publish 24 October, 2015 746
Open day Ravenna: intervista ad Antonio Marcegaglia

Antonio Marcegaglia interviewed on the occasion of the company’s open day for the 1st Festival of Industry and Business Values, promoted by Confindustria Ravenna to celebrate the Association’s 70th Anniversary. Antonio Marcegaglia intervistato in o

publish 20 July, 2015 1441
Made in Steel 2015: intervista ad Antonio Marcegaglia

Siderweb interviews Antonio Marcegaglia during Made in Steel 2015: market, results, current situation and upcoming changes of Marcegaglia group. Siderweb intervista Antonio Marcegaglia durante Made in Steel 2015: mercato, risultati, situazione attuale e camb

publish 22 May, 2015 959
Marcegaglia Casalmaggiore: automatic warehouse

The automatic tube bundling warehouse in the Marcegaglia plant of Casalmaggiore, managed by Swisslog software. Il magazzino automatico per fasci di tubi dello stabilimento Marcegaglia di Casalmaggiore, gestito con un software Swisslog.

publish 29 March, 2012 1609

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